Get your Message Out!

Graphics are a great way to communicate your message. I promote my business, videos, podcast and Mountain Hours by creating info graphics. I tried using Photoshop at first; but it’s pretty difficult. Remember, I was a pool contractor for 25 years. Now, I’m 50. Using a computer alone took some time after working with my hands for so long.

Now, I create political memes, business cards, flyers using a simple, inexpensive software called “The Logo Creator”. The software is easy; so it makes the design process fun. Within 5 minutes of having an idea; You can create a digital image. Then: post that image on Facebook, import it into a video or email it to my subscriber list.

You can create free, multi-layered images with backgrounds, text, banners, stars and  arrows. The software package comes with dozens of premade templates along with clip art. A picture paints a 1000 words. So using graphics is highly effective to communicate. For $37 bucks you can embrace your creative side too.

Use this graphics software to design an Hour Money system to beat the Banksters! Within a week you can design and print your own money to save you Tribe. Nearly everyday we design images to promote something. Visually communicating ideas shouldn’t ONLY be for talented painters. The Logo Creator brings out the artist in all of us. New artist, me, created nearly every thumbnail, banner and info graphic you see in my videos and websites. We’ve created at least 100 monetary reform memes on usury. Trust me, if I can do it anyone can.

 Click here to get sale price of $32




 Click here to get sale price of $32