Love Revolution

Hour Money Jubilee: “The Love Revolution is a step-by-step plan to unite Left and Right to finance social programs without violating the “Non-Aggression Principle(NAP)”. The Win-Win agreement to unite humanity for debt forgiveness Jubilee emancipation.

The world has been turned into a bank colony as we are all required to use bank money in order to sustain life. We debt slaves toil and suffer from greater austerity, injustice and fear. Meanwhile, the debt masters live in abundance. This has been the epic struggle facing humanity since the beginning of time. How shall we emancipate ourselves?

The Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and Ron Paul movements have been an outlet for patriots who are marching in the streets. Each is complaining that their representatives don’t represent them. This is because all of our institutions have been Usurped. The “money power” controls our institutions. Therefore, the only genuine revolution is one where the “have-nots” issue the money themselves. Only then will the enforcers work for the “have-nots” instead of the financial  elite.

“History repeats” and this struggle for sovereignty has played out through the ages. This why the great prophets and philosophers all warned against what they called Usury, or money monopoly. While barter is entirely free and decentralized. Monopoly money privatizes humanity’s free barter system; then charges a fee. This fee called interest eventually creates un-payable contracts. Humanity is then turned into permanent debt slaves and renters.

American Indians lived on the land for free. They cared for one another, built roads, educated and housed one another. They did all this without violence, force and coercion. How? Their economic system was based on barter, compassion and reciprocity. We must find a way to do the same. Our humanity requires that we do better than bringing children into the world with $60k of debt slavery. Our humanity requires that we stop financing perpetual war, police state, destruction of our environment and corrupt institutions.

So, how do we achieve our emancipation without violence, phony elections or additional hardship? We simply must relearn how to Believe in ourselves. We must Believe in our own value then issue Hour Money. Only then, will the politicians, enforcers and markets serve the “have-nots”. Only then we return power to the People locally.

The survival of our planet and species require that we “go big”, and challenge the bankers who have usurped our institutions. Their “money monopoly” is destroying everything that’s sacred.

The Engineering Design Process:

Everything that is built in the physical goes through this process. A building, a song, a car and even our future. Everything gets built 3 times. This is how we manifest a “dream” into reality. AKA: “What the mind can conceive and Believe: it can achieve”.

Step 1: Imagine. (Soul)

Step 2: Blueprint. (Mind)

Step 3: Physically build. (Body)

Caveat: If you have enough money; one can go through this for anything.

Problem: Humanity’s commercial energy has been hijacked to manifest a dystopian future conceived by the financial elite. They control the money. What’s their dream? Zombie Apocalypse based upon self-limitation.

Solution: The “have-nots” must issue money so we can manifest our dreams and scrip our own future of abundance and justice. What is our dream? The Kingdom of Heaven based upon unlimited possibilities.

Below are Steps 1 & 2 of the Engineering Design Process: Blueprint

Video I: Emancipation Now! “The Wizard’s Power comes from Us”

Video II. The Love Revolution Introduction:

Please read what’s possible with abundant Hour Money. Discover the “The Kingdom Dream”. Is this a place you would like to travel?

“The Kingdom Dream”

Lesson I. Hour Money Technology:  Physical & digital HM is issued by “have-nots” locally, but spent globally.

Hour Money Engineering: Deck analogy

Lesson II: Hour Money Issuance Balance: Pay for social programs without violating the “Non-Aggression Principle” AND without theft through inflation.

HM Issuance Balance

Lesson III. Hour Money Income Opportunity: Get paid to emancipate humanity.

HMJ.Income Opp

Bonus:  ”Jubilee Shares”: your share of the repatriated Common Wealth.

Jubilee Shares Interview Transcript


A. ”Kingdom Dream” artist Brett Jones

B. ”Jubilee Shares” & Wayne Walton challenged

Lesson IV. “Jubilee, Let it Be”: Step-by-step plan to emancipate a US county.


Double bonus!! Here’s our submission to the “Buckminster Fuller Challenge” $100k

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Application

Bottom up funding flow of for local, national and international projects. 

Bottom up Image