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Monetary reform is THE MOST important topic facing humanity. Through this path we will co-create a future based on justice, abundance and “peace of mind”. UsuryFree monetary reform removes force, fraud and monopoly from our economic and political system.

All achievement comes through focus. Humanity is just waking up to the fact that the present monetary system is a scam which only supports the elite. Rather than complaining about their money system; we must take responsibility to build our own system. Hour Money is unique in that it permits the “have-nots” to self-issue their own money. No scarce, expensive, monopoly Federal Reserve Notes, gold, silver or Bitcoin are needed. Barter is free and so is Hour Money barter scrip. Additionally, Hour Money stays fixed in value like an inch.

Please, opt-in to our free training and discover how “You are the money!”. Once the “have-nots” issue their own money; the enforcers, politicians and media will work for us instead of the banksters.


Hour Money has a free and two paid training systems. 

Click here for the free “21 Days to Monetary Literacy” training system.

Click here for free training!

Check below for our two paid training systems for “hands on” monetary reform activists, architects and implementers. Humanity desperately needs you to offer them hope for a more abundant future.

1. Hour Money Introduction Training:  <<Click Here!


This system gives you the foundational philosophy of “What is Money?”. In order for money to serve the “have-nots” it must be free from force, fraud and monopoly.

The training includes: 1. 3.5 hours of audio 2. 3 hours of video 3. 2 certifications 4. 8 Hour Money music tracks and 3 music videos.

2. Hour Money Installation Training: <<Click Here!


This system gives you the “how to” details of how to set up your own Hour Money exchange system where you live.

Monetary theory is applied in the real world.

This training included: 1. 5.5 hours of audio 2. 2.5 hours of video 3. 2 manuals 4. 3 certifications 5. 55 slide Power Point.

Go here for more details!